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Online game site URL? Only 5-6 games, purple site design?


I once visited a site that boasted a grand total of five to six games. They were all two-player games, and the site connected you with someone else. The games I remember are: draw the outline of this picture (partner guesses), are we listening to the same song (each describe song), which picture do we like best (each pick a favourite)...

I vaguely remember the website being a purpley colour, more on the pinkish than blueish side, if that helps at all. It also had a very distinctive name... which is why I'm embarrassed to not remember it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, much thanks. It was a fun site!
The first (and so far, only) suggestion was not the site I had in mind.
The second suggestion is not helpful either, as I am looking for a specific site that made its own games.

Well the best place for Online Games is Stiff Online Games
Check em out at
they have the best selection of games and they all are not blocked by
school or work filters, also if you request a game that you like thats on other sites, then they will have it up in 24 hours

what is a fun and free game online like club penguin?

shy girl D

im bord and i need a online game other than clubpenguin, poptropica, or panfu.

Answer like clube are three games you may like then

a safe, friendly and enjoyable online environment where the target audience of 6 to 12 year-olds are encouraged to give, share, collaborate and participate through self-expression and communication.

Fresbo World
is an online virtual world where players from all over the world can come in to chat and play games. This virtual world allows users to stack and piece up the basic building blocks to create different types of structures. It is similar to the hobby shops' modeling kit, whereby the pieces of the little parts is given to you in a box, and u are suppose to assemble them back into the original form.

it is a big community site based around the virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Players can create an account and take care of up to four virtual pets, buying them food, toys, clothes, and other accessories using a virtual currency called Neopoints. Users can explore the world of Neopia with their Neopets and interact with each other through the NeoBoards, NeoMail, and guilds.

You could also try to find more games, Enjoy~

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are there any online games where your the jury on the case?

Q. I love the whole "be the jury" type of thing.
are there any online games with fake cases, and you decide?

Darn! This game's the bong 8-P

How do I cheat on a game??

I play a game called IMVU and want to know how to get credits for free, without working. rather then getting prepaid cards, Is there a way to get free credits. Even Habbo Hotel, tell me about Habbo Hotel, is there a way to get credits for free.....???

There is no way to effectively get free in-game currency for IMVU, Second Life, World of Warcraft, EVE, Conan, Video Poker, (note - all these are trademarks) or any other online game available now.
First, the basic answer. Many years ago, game companies didn't worry as much about in-game currency or items. Part of this was they didn't really think of these things being worth real money (half the time you weren't even playing against other players; you were playing against yourself, and who cares if you cheat at solitaire?). The other reason was, there weren't a lot of ways for the game companies to stop the improper acquisition of in-game currency or items. The technology was flawed at best. And the legal system wasn't there. The Internet was a law enforcement no-man's land. Nobody knew who had jurisdiction. None of the judicial or law enforcement personnel had a serious understanding of what a computer or a server was, much less a way to explain all this to a jury. So the game companies didn't really fight it, and you could find sources for free, "cheat" money and items in computer games.
Those days are gone.
First, computer gaming went from something a handful of hobbyists did (a tiny market) to something that nearly everyone does (a huge market). So the money cascaded in and the process all became important. So now, game companies CARED. A lot.
Next, the technology improved. Where cheats and security holes used to prevail, they're gone now. This isn't to say there's no way to cheat at an online game - this is to say it's right on the knife edge of being impossible without an insider helping you. Games now use the same encryption most militaries and banks use - and you aren't cracking that in a hurry. Likewise, attacking a gaming server is now about as hard as attacking a bank server -- really. That is to say, it's typically a huge amount of effort involving a lot of people, they'll catch onto it at once, and (we'll get to this in a second) now there are laws that protect these game companies from this kind of theft.
The Internet: when online multi-player gaming first came out (maybe 20 years ago with the MUDs), jurisdiction was hard, as was explaining to a jury. Now, jurisdiction is pretty clear: take away over $20,000US in profits, assets, potential(!) to make money or add to the cost of doing business buy making them clean up your (perceived) mess, and the hosts of the Law Enforcement show are the US Secret Service and the FBI (in America - many other countries operate at this level too). Juries are a Lot more sophisticated nowadays. And if that weren't enough, the PATRIOT Act, for the first time, criminalized computer hacking in general. While it surely didn't target gamers, it did set precedent.
Also, we noticed that the currency in computer games is, in a way, real money. You (or someone) spent hours earning it. While you don't own the "money", it seems you do own something (exactly what you own is a question of some serious legal interest just now). And if the game deals with real money (like Second Life, IMVU or any online casino), those companies are currently under review from people like the California and Nevada Gaming Commissions (as well as a few other states), the California State Franchise Tax Board, and the Internal Revenue Service. Even the US Department of State and the Federal Trade Commission can get involved if you go international on this. It seems some people actually do make real money legally in these games (In Second Life, one lady in Germany made around $250,000US in one year doing the in-game version of real estate trading). So, even though you can't hold it in your hand, now the money is Real, and so are the agencies that want some of it, and take personal theft of money very seriously indeed.
So - here's what you're up against with getting free money out of these games:
If the Game Company wants to run a promotion, they can (although their legal departments will likely all go simultaneously insane trying to justify that). You see a lot of companies giving out free money promotions nowadays? Don't expect these companies to either.
You ask for the proceeds of some clever, undetected hack, as a gift. This is like a stranger finding a way to steal from a bank without getting caught, and then in an act of random kindness, freely giving you - a stranger -- some of that money. Right. This happens every day. But not on earth. However, let's say it did. The following applies to you:
** You solicited a federal criminal act (by implying you'd like someone to hack a system thus breaking a federal law).
You are a party after the fact (just as if you knowingly received money from a burglary).
Interstate trafficking in stolen goods (if it's on the Internet, it's federal, yes?).
The game company will detect this (unlike real, EVERY monetary transaction is recorded and serialized - in real, this wouldn't be legal - in IMVU it's just part

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